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To help families with young children adjust to the current situation brought on by the public health emergency, DC Child Care Connections developed a system to provide useful information and resources to help with at-home learning, maintaining mental health and other important early childhood topics.

We have worked with community partners to identify a series of daily resources and activities from nationally-recognized organizations that families can use to keep children engaged and to continue the learning process. All resources are developmentally appropriate for the ages specified and are aligned to the DC Early Learning Standards.

Firm Family Foundations 

Strong and diverse families are the foundation of a stable community and society. When families are healthy, communities and nations flourish. Building, nurturing and growing a strong and resilient family can be a challenge. According to the Center for the Study of Social Policy, making a family unit strong is not simply about having a lot of money or many material possessions. Solid and tough families grow from love, security, communication, routines and some rules.

The article “Grow As a Parent-and Help Your Family Grow Strong,” by First 5 LA suggests three ways parents can grow which include: managing stress, having friends and expanding knowledge.

Michigan State University, using research from the University of Nebraska, has identified six clusters or qualities that describe strong families. The qualities include:

  • Commitment: Make relationships a high priority. Reassure children it is fine to love all of their parents and siblings; don’t make them feel guilty.
  • Appreciation: Let everyone in the family know, daily, they are appreciated.Teach and use appreciative language and gestures.
  • Communication: Talk to each other about issues big and small . Keep communication positive, listen to all opinions and lighten the mood with laughter when tensions are running high.
  • Time together: Be deliberate about planning activities. Mealtime is a great place to start. Include family members in menu planning, shopping and food preparation.
  • Spiritual wellness: Believe in a greater power and have a shared belief.Model acceptance and tolerance.
  • Crisis and stress: Demonstrate the ability to cope with difficulties and crises—resiliency.

Resource Highlights

Heart to Heart Homeschooling is a website which offers families 100 relationship-building ideas, resources and activities to help strengthen families.

Very Well Family offers family-friendly activities and resources to support the development of all family unit types.

Summer Family Fun Days  

Summer is a great time for you and your family to get outdoors. Gaze at the stars or catch lightening bugs at night. While enjoying the outdoors on these bright, sunny and steamy hot days, remember to grab your face masks and add sunscreen as a layer of protection. Looking for summer indoor fun? Create an indoor beach using your imagination and various items found around the house!

Let’s Read Together!

Read with your child throughout the day, each day during the week.

Week of July 6, 2020

Music and Movement Monday: Get kids moving with 12 animal walks.

Tasty Tuesday: Make frozen grape caterpillars.

Wellness Wednesday: Use bottles to discover emotions.

Textured Thursday: Create a DIY texture board.

Family Fun Friday: Host an ABC family scavenger hunt.

Week of June 13, 2020

Music and Movement Monday: Move to the rhythm.

Tasty Tuesday: Make kid friendly sliders for a quick lunch.

Wellness WednesdayTry these breathing activities using a pinwheel.

Textured Thursday: Explore colors with a few squishy experiments.

Family Fun Friday: Bowl indoor with the family.

Families Make the Difference

DC Seed Program

Mark your calendars! The DC Department of Behavioral Health’s DC Social, Emotional and Early Development (DC SEED) program will be hosting a series of virtual workshops for parents and caregivers. Sessions will focus on early childhood development, self-care and wellness, perinatal wellness and social-emotional development. Click here for more Information on upcoming sessions and registration information.

Product Recall Alerts

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the following recalls listed below. Please visit for additional information on each recall.

We are here to help! If you need support in navigating these resources or help planning experiences for your children, please contact one of our team members today. Please contact us at DC Child Care Connections (202) 829-2500.


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